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If you live in South Brevard, you should know that No Limits Fitness is the premier fitness and fat loss BOOT CAMP GYM.

Our trainers specialize in coaching you through your plateaus and helping you feel strong, energized and confident.
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Ready to make a change and follow a step-by-step blueprint for a total body transformation?
  • Unlimited Boot Camp Sessions
  • Complete nutrition program with recipes and shopping lists to make it really easy!
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  • Accountability and Support system helping you the entire way!


Success Stories

Meet Myrna

#NLF Member For Over 1 Year

* Myrna Del Valle joined No Limits Fitness in 2014 and participates regularly in Boot Camp, TRX, and Zumba with Millie Moreno. Myrna loves the high-intensity workouts and the group participation. Hear Myrna’s story and inspiration on how No Limits Fitness has helped her achieve her goals.

Meet Patti

#NLF Member For Over 8 Months

* Patti Boswell joined No Limits Fitness eight months ago to get rid of that stubborn 15 pounds that won’t go away. Guess what? It’s gone and Patti is the happiest 50-something in the world. Hear Patti’s story and inspiration on how No Limits Fitness has helped her achieve her goals.

Meet Josh

#NLF Member For Over 6 Weeks

* Josh McGuire has only been a member for six weeks but in that time he’s already dropped 15 pounds and has the intention to lose even more. Josh is convinced that regular Boot Camp workouts and TRX suspension training will get him to his weight loss goal with energy to spare.


What is FitRanX?

FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels. Don’t just come to workout aimlessly. Have a real goal, and let our Coaches track real results with this proven physical performance ranking system.


21 Laws of Fat Loss

Here at No Limits Fitness, we understand that getting into the gym to workout is only half the battle. Download the 21 Laws of Fat Loss and learn about the top rules that govern your results!


No Limits Fitness has 43 Scheduled Boot Camp sessions EVERY WEEK. Go to our schedule page to login to your mindbody account or create a new one.


Boot Camp is a great way to jump start your fitness routine or start a new one. No Limits Fitness has a Boot Camp for any level. Our trainers will help you get started. Check out the Boot Camp page for more details on first time specials.



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